Letter: You can count on Mazur

I offer this opinion because I want to share the Jerry Mazur I know. Full disclosure: I am Jerry’s wife.

Before I met Jerry, he was married to Sonia Sue Briggs. She was born and raised in Delphos, Van Wert County. Jerry and Sonia were married for 43 years. They raised a large family. When Jerry retired from his career as a manager in the construction industry, Sonia desired to come home to Van Wert County. For 14 years Jerry and Sonia became immersed in Van Wert life. Together and separately they served their community and church in many capacities. One of Jerry and Sonia’s favorite accomplishments was the three air shows they produced in 2001, 2002 and 2003.

Sonia, was a registered nurse. She worked at the Manor during those times. Jerry served as a City Councilman.

Sonia’s passing was a devastating blow to Jerry. When I met him, he was moving forward with his life, as best he could, as we all do, when life presents us with no other choice. Jerry did not leave Van Wert County when Sonia passed, he stayed. He became mayor of Van Wert City. He continued to serve.

Consider all of Jerry’s public service in Van Wert County. Along with business management experience and life experience. He is the only candidate for Van Wert County treasurer with this much public service experience.

Please think of Jerry Mazur when you vote. And Please vote. No matter who your candidate is, if you don’t vote, you may get what you don’t want.

JoAnne Simmerman, Van Wert


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