Letter: This commissioner race matters

This commissioners race should matter. Folks, you get to vote for this seat, you won’t the next. The Republican Party will appoint. Greg Sneary didn’t go so they control the board; 2 seats of their Choice with 1 for the People. Watch the “appointments” game next!.

Greg Stolly isn’t new to the public, but new to politics, yes. He has been approached in the past by the party to seek office, as he said on a radio show. Until now, he had not. Marketing signage yes, but we hear little substance. Other candidates are working too, just gaining less traction.

Seemingly newbie candidate Beth Seibert is spending big money to create a persona. A wealthy campaign manager may have something to do with that; those in the background do. Never really party active, but family in the Central and Executive Committee affords insight amongst other silent influencers. Monies spent, the typical colors used, especially by the party. Similar campaign bravado resembling candidates the party pushes.

Tim Sielschott has the actual experience Allen County needs now! He addresses concerns of declining population, low tax base and fundamental financials of the commissioners. Graduated college and came back – now local small business owner displaying vast financial experience with contractual comprehensions. Although fundamentally conservative, explores all plausible solutions. Recently the only Republican opting for attracting businesses and population versus blaming the defeated sales tax; as others hint its resurrection. His clients find Sielschott trustworthy and accountable with their futures. Now let’s trust him with our votes!

If the people only get one seat, make sure we elect someone who has our concerns over party concerns and personal politics. Elect Tim Sielschott commissioner!

Brian Cheney, Lima


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