Letter: Putnam County shenanigans

Questioning the VP of Putnam County Republican Central Committee’s Campaign for Troy Recker

The Putnam County Republican Central Committee does not endorse a candidate until after the primary election. Yet its vice president is using his VP status and the Putnam County Republican Central Committee’s name to endorse Troy Recker. He has the right to use his name and business to support the candidate of his choice; he should not be name-dropping the Republican Central Committee or the current employer of Recker.

The members of the Putnam County Republican Central Committee, who represent Putnam County Republicans, are not elected or appointed to have one person on that committee speak for the entire committee. That should be a committee vote. The Republican Central Committee’s job is to support the Republican Party in finding and supporting the best candidate; not someone’s personal choice.

The VP of the Republican Central Committee claimed that voters are misinformed about Troy Recker. Recent information written in papers was made public in 2019 by local papers and public information searches when the Recker’s set in motion their plan to announce Cathy’s Recker’s illness and having her husband appointed recorder.

The VP of the Republican Central Committee also stated the Recker campaign has taken the higher road. Apparently taking the higher road is going behind the back of the Republican Central Committee’s wishes and doing whatever it takes to get someone elected.

Voters of Putnam County need to vote for Lori Rayle, a lifelong Republican who has the integrity and experience to be recorder.

Jan Miller, Vaughnsville


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