Letter: Pull back the curtain of Oz

Oh, Leonard Pitts, I truly hope that you don’t write for a living. We have a president who presents a 100-year-old Tuskegee Airman with his grandson who received a scholarship to fulfill his dream to become an astronaut, a wife with children of a fallen hero, a serviceman returning to his family, and a young lady who received a grant to go to a school of her choice standing with her mother as Trump spoke.

Now we have the pleasure of observing your idol Pelosi tearing up a presidential speech, prescored, before partial audience dressed in, of all colors, purity white.

These ladies sat through a remarkable State of The Union speech on their posteriors while testimonials of great achievement were recognized by all people of our land regardless of race, color or creed. Not being members of Mensa, perhaps they were actually trying to cipher daily verbiage spoken by President Trump.

If this is the case, I would suggest they attend a couple of classes dealing with the problem, however, you can lead some people to a library, but you cannot force them to open a book.

Yes, Mr. Pitts, some as you applaud a failed presidency under your idol Obama, faulted Russian dossier teaming with outright lies bought and paid for by your corrupt party. You can grovel at the feet of your idols Schiff, Waters, Cortez, Omar, Pelosi and the ladies and men in white, or be welcomed into the land of reality. Pull back the curtain of Oz, acknowledge the obvious, do not remain a goldbricker, but follow that gleaming road back home. You may however, click your red slippers three times.

Leslie J.Kubinski, Wapakoneta


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