Letter: Who is the real bully?

President Trump is mean and a bully, but his such characteristics pale compared to the Democrat Party’s such characteristics.

There can be nobody meaner and more a bully than to butcher helpless little babies, and the Democrat Party has assertively championed and facilitated this for half a century. Yes, science through DNA proves that an unborn baby is a separate human being. It should be mentioned that the judiciary branch agrees with science by their convictions of perpetrators for the deaths of unborn babies when the mother has been violently attacked.

The over 40 million purges of babies puts the Democrat Party in the same circle as infamous serial killers Stalin and Mao and their scores of millions of purges.

As a civilized American citizen and a Christian, I cannot vote Democrat because each vote for that party is an “at-a-boy” for their ultimate meanness and bullying during their great purge of American babies.

James Powell, Lima

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