Letter: Election year views are great

Election year views are great.

Sunday the 23rd was a prime example when reading the variety of letters in the Your View column.

Like any playground, “Lies and rules broken” tend to be in opinionated. Like social media reports, we eat what we’re fed. The “snub saw around the world.” Bernie and Senator Warren did that too, after their earlier debate, and they’re “teammates.” Left, or right, nobody’s said Trump lied about economy or employment. Two things facts support, as the downfall of dollar menus, with the rise of minimum wage. Someone has to pay.

I, too believe, “Follow the law, leave me alone.” It’s those that don’t live that, that we need rules for, to protect our rights. Illegal acts have repercussions. A citizen treated differently or unfairly doesn’t need a subtitle. It’s subjective, again, but we are all protected. Again, when a law is broken.

In elections, it’s “mud slinging” and always played a part. While I believe our president sets a bad example at times, he’s surely not the first. Living thru Nixon and Clinton guarantees that. Remember Alec Baldwin threatening to leave the U.S. if Bush was elected? Trump will run his term and the people will decide for better or worse. Maybe that will be enough this time.

The debate is protected by veterans like Robert Huddleston. God Bless them all, and rest in peace.

Jeff McDougle, Delphos, Ohio

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