Letter: America should be about freedom

It is easy to condemn someone’s political beliefs and ideology. Fine. In his recent column, Mr.Figley did do this about Democrats. Then be a man and answer questions and offer us your reasoning for your particular beliefs.

• Should women or their doctors be subject to arrest and incarceration if they have a abortion?

• Should a gay person who as a American citizen who follows the law be treated differently in some states and treated fairly in other states?

People on the right are good at telling everyone what’s wrong with them and how they should live. The state of Ohio has the fifth largest prison system in the country. We incarcerate a little over 50,000 of our citizens who happen to not follow the rules of society. We separate them from society. We have certain rules.

• Should abortion and gay marriage be considered criminal behavior in the eyes of the law? Simple question again.

Are the before mentioned behaviors morally right in the eyes of God. That is that person’s responsibility to make that choice and deal with the consequences. When pressed the right never answers specific questions like these for a simple reason. It won’t pass muster with the public.

I’m mostly a Libertarian. Why is it so hard for our government to leave a person alone when it comes to their personal decisions about guns, their body or their bedroom? I believe freedom makes our country a special place to live. I follow the law and want to be left alone. Most Americans feel this way.

Jeffrey Perine, Lima


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