Letter: Divide and conquer

I am writing in response to Tom Riegle’s letter in Your View on Thursday, Feb. 13, and also Bob Riley’s letter on Sunday, Feb. 16.

First for Tom: If Nancy Pelosi should be prosecuted for tearing up President Trumps speech, Donald Trump should surely be prosecuted for all the rules he has broken and the lies he has told since he has been president.

Second for Bob: I was a bit surprised that Nancy Pelosi tore up his speech, too. However, as you well know, he rebuked her first when he refused to shake her hand. Then after he told all those lies during his speech which she had to listen to, it is pretty hard not to express some kind of emotion. I thought respect was to be earned and he hasn’t earned much.

I just don’t get it. How did we ever get someone like Mr. Trump for a president. I am so very ashamed of him. You have heard the words, I’m sure, “divide and conquer.” And that is where we are headed if things don’t change. And this time it will be on our soil and our people (in our case our grandchildren and great grandchildren) will have to suffer.

To me that is more threatening than our economy, health care or anything else.

Joan Ruen, Ottoville


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