Letter: Bigger areas of concern

When I read Tom Riegle’s letter in “Your View” on Feb. 13, I had to smile, as with the view of Bob Riley on Feb. 16. I do not doubt there is such a rule or law for the preservation of important papers and documents, as Mr. Riegle stated. However, I believe this would be for original items only. Mr. Riegle stated a “copy” was given to Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Pence.

Whoever wrote the president’s speech would make sure the original wording was put on the teleprompter and the original given to the appropriate person. The president probably has a copy, too. I don’t know the custom of handing out copies at the State of the Union event, but there could have been hundreds of copies in the room during the president’s speech.

If so, I can imagine that some of those present would have tossed their copies in the trash on the way out of the room, and others would have taken their copies home as mementos or proof that Trump at last could act “presidential,” could read from a teleprompter and could actually stay on topic without bullying or maligning anyone in the room or elsewhere.

As I watched the Speaker of the House tear up her “copy,” I understood why she was upset by some of what was said by the president. Trump tends to exaggerate or give partial truths to fit what he believes is “his” truth, but I was glad to hear him mention RX greed and that he wanted to do something about the high cost of drugs.

I worry more about drug costs, preexisting conditions, climate change than I do about a copy of a speech being destroyed.

Cheryl Fortman



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