Letter: Shame on Ohio legislators

Transgender youth deserve equal access to care no matter what state they live in. State legislators have no right to tell anyone what to do when it comes to their bodies. Transgender youth have support from their families, their endocrinologists, and other members in the community. Transgender Ohioans have every right to live in this state and not experience this kind of discrimination.

People in the state have already began to denounce the acts of hate the community typically sees, like the act of conversion therapy after Leelah Alcorn committed suicide in 2014 after her extremely religous and unsupportive family forced her into therapy, to the rise of hate crimes and the murders within the community, to the constant hatred coming from top Republican leaders both federally and at the state level.

Transgender youth already face increased bullying and harassment in their daily lives, why add to it?

Shame on those who support such a dangerous bill that will do nothing but increase the likelihood that trans youth will be more forward in the attempts to take their lives. Shame on those Ohio legislators for even making such a bill relevant in the state.

Dylan Gross, Lima


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