Letter: Why must you shame us?

I’ll admit I had grown complacent in my LGBTQ advocacy in Lima. Given positive steps by city government and local businesses, I thought we would soon achieve the equality and respect we are owed as Americans.

Mark Figley’s rant about the “outrageousness” and “(threat to) Judeo-Christian values” of LGBTQ persons reminds me that many would still destroy us or deny us our livelihood. That newspapers like this are still willing to broadcast his bigotry. That it is still acceptable in Lima to publically shame us. That it is still legal in Ohio to fire us for being gay or transgender.

I don’t recruit other transgender women, nor do I suggest anyone forego the beauty and responsibility of family. My “radical” lifestyle is to raise thoughtful children, honor my spouse of 23 years, support myself and my family, and give back to my community.

Our “Judeo-Christian” values have been hijacked by Figley and other liturgically-ignorant persons who bash gays while eating pork and forsaking the stranger. It excludes ages-old rabbinical knowledge that intersex persons are created in God’s image. It compels us to lie about ourselves to God and each other. It is not how Jesus has or will treat us in the future.

Mr. Figley writes like someone who would delight in misgendering me, so I invite him to meet me for coffee, “man-to-man” if he must, to discuss his issues with LGBTQ persons. I assure him he is not my type.

I didn’t have an agenda before, Mr. Figley. I do now.

Marin Luria Harbur, Lima


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