Lettter: Vote for experience in Putnam County, vote for Rayle

Putnam County voters will be choosing a Republican candidate for Putnam County Recorder.

Lori Rayle, the current Putnam County Chief Deputy Recorder, is the only candidate with the experience needed to assume the position of county recorder. Rayle has worked in the recorder’s office for 15 years. Due to current recorder’s debilitating illness, Rayle has assumed full responsibility for the day to day operation of the county recorder’s office for two years.

Chief Deputy Recorder Lori Rayle has the experience, knowledge and experience to be elected to a job she has done for years. Rayle works daily with courthouse staff, state recorder personnel, attorneys, business professionals and the general public; meticulously recording the important documents required of the job.

Also running for recorder is Troy Recker, the husband of the current recorder. On April 22, 2019, Troy and his wife Cathy submitted a letter to the Putnam County Republican Central Committee and other Republican officials informing them that Cathy would be submitting her resignation due to a debilitating illness. In the letter, Troy asked the Republican Central Committee to appoint him to fill Cathy’s unexpired term. Troy was not able to get the support of the Republican Central Committee to put this plan in motion. When the central committee did not rubber-stamp the Recker’s plan, Cathy Recker did not submit her resignation.

Being the husband of the current recorder does not qualify Troy for the job; being a former county employee does not qualify him for the job; being a Republican does not qualify him for the job; having the biggest and most campaign signs does not qualify him for the job.

Lori Rayle’s experience matters.

Carol Bunn, Columbus Grove


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