Letter: I’m voting for wallet and my healthcare

Larry Donaldson’s letter concerning the president’s budget was flawed, at best.

The president’s wish list contained $850 billion in Medicare cuts (over 10 years that Donaldson failed to point out), but according to Politifact, the cuts primarily were to providers for bloated costs of treating patients who just walk in the door. The administration is going after fraud and overcharging. No cuts to individual beneficiaries, like myself, were implied and Politifact backs this up.

At the first Democratic debate, when asked if illegals should have healthcare, every candidate raised their hand. As I struggle with the qualifications for the 2020 “super id” driver’s license, 14 states are currently giving driver’s licenses to illegals. Why? So they have ID when the Dems provide their healthcare. To vote?

On the wallet side, anyone with a 401k, 403b, private sector pension, government pension i.e. fireman, police, teachers, state and local employees are heavily vested in the stock market. Since Jan. 20, 2016, the stock market has risen 59%. In Findlay, $15 dollar an hour jobs are left vacant as employers try to find workers to do just that. Work.

Craig Nichols, Findlay


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