Letter: Beth Seibert an easy choice

I believe Beth Seibert is the best candidate for Allen County Commissioner. I’ve been to several of the forums where the candidates have presented themselves and their qualifications. I’ve known Beth for a number of years, but over the past 2- t0 years I’ve gotten to know her more than just casually.

Beth is one of the most dedicated public servants I’ve ever met. She works tirelessly to find the best possible resolutions for each of us in the county. Throughout her tenure with the Allen County Soil and Water agency, she has worked with just about every township and county agency possible. She isn’t one to refuse a request just for the sake of refusing it, she does her homework, and works toward making every situation a win-win to the best of her ability. Additionally, she volunteers in our community. I was surprised to see her at the Farmer’s Market in Lima this summer, but she was there assisting parties who receive food stamps to be able to convert those to pay for fresh produce at the site.

Beth recognizes the trust that would be put in her as a county commissioner to assist in providing budgets to maintain all county services, even when funds are low. She will respect that trust, and work to provide all possible services to our county. This means that she would also work well with our city entities to provide comprehensive programs for the benefit of all people within our county.

Beth is a business friendly candidate and will work to bring in new businesses and expand on the ones we currently have.

Janice Ditto, Elida


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