Letter: Encore Gets an “A” in Greek Mythology.

The teen actors have taken the stage at Encore Theatre and taken to teaching a 2-hour course in Greek Mythology in “The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza.” If you think it is as boring as it sounds, you are what they referred to back in the ancient times as “wrong.” With a hilarious collection of cultural references from film to tv to everyday life, two students, along with a nice sized cast, set out to teach and set straight all of the myths that Greek History holds.

Far better than Google, possibly more accurate than Wikipedia, the students present their knowledge and debate its accuracy as Gods marry, mortals die, and famous characters interact like never before. If you are not one to know cultural references, you will enjoy the humorous interactions between the characters. If you do know cultural references, it’s a whole new world of wit and wisdom played out by interweaving the references into the historical narrative.

If anyone is wanting to get an idea of what Encore offers for kids to be a part of, this telling of history by some of Lima’s best and brightest is a great introduction. And for those who have had a chance to catch some of Encore’s teen shows in the past, it is a perfect addition, literally like a continuation, of past shows.

The shows only run this weekend (February 14th through 16th). Saturday’s show is at 7:30 pm and Sunday’s show is at 2 pm. To miss seeing it would be a tragedy.

Jim Patton, Elida


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