Letter: The state of misinformation

During the State of the Union address, truth went on vacation. The art of deception was on full display, beginning with the statement that pre-existing conditions will always be protected by the current White House occupant while at the same time, his administration is in court right now fighting to destroy a piece of legislation which guarantees coverage for pre-existing conditions.

Also stated were there would be no cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Perhaps directly that may be true, but cuts to Medicare prescription drug pricing and cuts to the Social Security Disability programs will still adversely affect millions of Americans.

We also keep hearing this economy is the best ever. According to the Labor department, Trump’s first three years falls short of Obama’s last three years of job growth and actually would have been much less had it not been for the Trump tax cut sugar high given to the already wealthy Americans. The result of that tax reduction has been an explosion of the deficit which explains Trump’s motivation for reductions in Medicare and Social Security.

Trump entered office in January 2017. Since that time 5.34 million jobs have been created. During Obama’s last three years in office he created, on average, 221,000 jobs each month compared to Trump’s 191,000 in his first three years. Certainly there will be those that say, “it ain’t so.” Do the research. If you fail to do that, I think reasonable people can conclude that not only has the president captured your heart but he has also captured your mind. When minds are altered through lies, deceptions and misstatements , you no longer become mainstream, you become a cult.

Charlie Thomas, Lima


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