It is not hate speech to identify Muslims who shout Death To America, advocate Sharia Law and are Radical Jihadists, that should not be allowed into our country. I cite the Boston Marathon bombers as such an example.

I have not heard the President ever make any comments about people of color that could be considered hate speech. He does call it like it is when it comes to describing certain members of the opposition party when the disrespect our country and rightly so.

In closing, I want to firmly state that President Donald J. Trump is doing exactly what those of us who voted for him want him to do. Will he be impeached and removed from office by a cabal of scurrilous liars from the left side of the House? No he will not, will I vote for him in the 2020 election, Yes, absolutely.

Listen to a few Rush Limbaugh shows to find out what really happens on conservative talk radio. If Rush Limbaugh is not enough, there is always Sean Hannity, or Levin, or Glen Beck.

Kenneth E Harris, Lima


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