Letter: Right doesn’t matter to Rob Portman.

By voting to acquit this president, Rob Portman voted to obliterate the checks and balances that our democracy is founded on. It’s a cowardly move.

If Portman thinks that Donald Trump isn’t going to try to use his power to interfere in the electoral process again, then he’s more clueless than I thought he was. He needs to get out from under the heel of Mitch McConnell, have some backbone and do the right thing for once. The only thing acquittal does is embolden Trump, making him more dangerous. He doesn’t care about our system. He doesn’t care about the truth. He only cares about himself. Portman’s name will not be forgotten, alongside those other GOP cowards engaging in this cover-up.

In the words of an actual patriot, LTC Alex Vindman, and echoed by the esteemed Representative Adam Schiff, right matters. But apparently right doesn’t matter to Rob Portman. Ohio is embarrassed today.

Jared Sloan, Lima


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