Letter: Beth Seibert has solid record

I am writing to give my impressions of Beth Seibert, candidate for Allen County commissioner.

While Mayor of Fort Shawnee, I interacted with Ms. Seibert on occasions and was always impressed with her knowledge and ability to make a dry subject pretty interesting and convince us the Ottawa River Coalition benefits all of Allen County. I know her as a quick study who can approach issues directly and come up with an appropriate plan in short order.

She works in concert with 45 local agencies and organizations, plus area farmers who join together to understand and protect the watershed, profiting local farms and businesses.

I also believe it would be beneficial to have a female as part of the commissioners’ team. She is a person with a high degree of integrity. I respectfully ask you to support and vote Beth Seibert for Allen County Commissioner.

Douglas Harris, Shawnee Township


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