Letter: Gun legislation that makes sense

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has backed legislation by Senator Matt Dolan of Chagrin Falls that will help ensure the safety of Ohioans. This bill also has the approval of Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley, whose city suffered loss of life due to gun violence on Aug. 4th, 2019. She states this bill will not prevent all gun violence, but it is certainly a good start and she stands firmly with our governor for his insight into a very serious problem.

My support of our country has always been firm and unwavering, and the protection of our citizens has always been first on the minds of my brothers who took the oath to defend our country and way of life. We now rely on our representatives to protect what so many have given and hope that this legislation will furnish additional safety and piece of mind for our friends and neighbors of Ohio.

This bill will help those with drug and alcohol problems and prevent them from the purchase of firearms if court ordered, and yet protect their constitutional rights. It would also afford them the help needed for a solution to their problem. It would provide judges the ability to sentence convicted felons when apprehended for a crime involving a firearm to a greater range of sentencing . It would furnish additional funding for our schools to safeguard our children with the best possible protection. It increases penalties for knowingly possessing an illegal gun or selling that firearm to another. It also makes it illegal to sell or provide a gun to a minor. There of course would be exceptions, say, if one would provide a hunting experience to a son or daughter and under proper supervision .

A study by The Ohio State University concluded that people with two or more violent felony offences, (0.91%) of our adult population committed 57% of Ohio’s violent felony infractions. It will provide a safer and more peaceful place to live for our beautiful state.

Delmar Merricle, Commander VFW Post 8445, Wapakoneta


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