The Democrats have spent three years trying to dig up dirt against the president in a “get Trump” campaign costing taxpayers billions and using their offices to distract government departments and the legislative branch from normal work. An early significant Democrat weapon was a dossier that showed evidence against Trump, but the dossier was later found to be a bogus document created and distributed by the DNC. They used their “get Trump” campaign to create a tremendous amount of free political advertising worth billions. Democratic legislators, seconded by their national PR committee, some news agencies, think winning the 2020 election justifies this misuse and abuse of their offices.

The Democrats finally found dirt: Trump asked a foreign country to investigate rumored suspicious or possible illegal activity by a political foe, for which Democrats charged him with abuse of office. They charged him with not cooperating with Congress, although they were asking him to cooperate with their abusive “get Trump” campaign. Democratic legislators and their national PR committee, the news agencies, think that these were impeachable offences.

What a bunch of bull. The magnitude of Democrat abuse of office was way beyond Trump’s. If Trump is guilty, then the Democrat legislators are far more guilty.

Ok, yes, I voted for Trump, reluctantly, because as a civilized American and a Christian, I could not support a party with the blood of 40 million infants on their hands from legalizing infant murder, nor could I support a candidate who whole heartedly supported and even promoted legalized murder of infants. This whole abuse sham exemplifies how hypocritical and politically dirty Democrats are.

James Powell, Lima


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