Letter: Under attack from the president

During the last presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s main means of attack was to label Hillary Clinton as “crooked Hillary.” All through that bizarre period of time filled with insults and name calling reminiscent of a three year old child, Trump attacked Hillary Clinton as being the worst person since John Gotti or even Osama Bin Laden.

After a four-year investigation of Benghazi, a two-year Hillary email investigation, and now with the conclusion of the Uranium One investigation, nothing was found that indicated that Clinton did anything wrong resulting in absolutely no indictments.

Contrast that with Trump associates: Paul Manafort sentenced to 7½ years for financial crimes, Konstantin Kilimnik charged with obstruction of justice, Roger Stone convicted of lying to Congress, Michael Flynn convicted of lying to investigators, Rick Gates convicted of lying to investigators, Michael Cohen tax and bank charges and lying to congress, George Papadopoulos lying to congress, and a host of many more associates serving or waiting to serve their time in confinement.

Many people jumped at the opportunity to serve this country in an admirable way, however, after being exposed to the “Trump Way,” those same people decided that it was in their best interest to remove themselves from Trump’s reach, and as a result, the United States government is being run without major players. Currently we have no Director of National Intelligence, no Deputy Director, no Homeland Security Director, no Deputy Secretary, no head of CBP or ICE, no Navy Secretary, no Assistant Secretary for Europe.

Perhaps this is why former US Navy Admiral William McRaven said, “ Our Republic is under attack from the president”.

Charlie Thomas, Lima


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