Letter: Let’s blame the correct people

Everyone blames President Trump. The blame should be Congress!

A quote from Article I — the longest article of the Constitution — describes congressional powers. Congress has the power to:

• Make laws

• Declare war

• Raise and provide public money and oversee its proper expenditure

• Impeach and try federal officers

• Approve presidential appointments

• Approve treaties negotiated by the executive branch

• Oversight and investigations

The only thing Congress has been concerned with is impeachment! Nothing except wasting the taxpayer’s money, and getting rid of the elected president. Let’s blame the correct people.

Do you get your information from the news? It’s not news anymore. Everyone reads from the exact same script. Check it out, it’s exactly the same from all news outlets.

Global warming? Our planet has gone thru 5 ice ages. So we had our planet warm up after each cycle, even before we had cars. If we eliminate CO2, what will the trees and plants do? They turn CO2 to oxygen which is what we need to live. The real problem for global warming is nature. Control that!

What is our great country coming to? Everything offends someone. Our history offends people, the government is trying to control us. Don’t think so, look at the children. Twelve years of education, and they know very little. Our rights are being taken away. They tried with SUV’s, they’re trying to takeaway out right to defend ourselves. NY tried to control what size soda you could drink. Free stuff so you will vote for them, but working people pay for it.

Wake up America!

Robert Kinninger, Wapakoneta


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