Letter: Stand up to fix EdChoice

Over the next week, I will encourage our membership to continue writing letters to the editor, mailing/faxing legislator offices, make phone calls to legislators’ offices and sign petitions for appropriate action. Any “fix” to the EdChoice voucher program must include feedback and strong suggestions from public school educators, administrators, parents and students or this crisis will continue to escalate with very real budgetary consequences across the State of Ohio. We are working very hard to schedule an opportunity to meet with our local representatives (Mr. Craig Riedel and Mr. Rob McColley) before the end of January. We cannot wait to see what happens, without our involvement, on February 1, 2020.

Thank you for your time and consideration for our students.

I can also be contacted by cellphone (216) 262-2805 or personal email (james.lautzenheiser@yahoo.com)

James S. Lautzenheiser, Convoy


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