Letter: Bush got us into this mess

Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump inherited a mess they cannot seem to get out of: the Middle East morass.

President George W. Bush got the United States into this seemingly “endless war” in Iraq due to his ego driven decision to invade. His administration lied to the American public, claiming Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. No such weapons were ever found. His own secretary of state, General Colin Powell, made a fool of himself, giving a speech at the United Nations in an attempt to justify the Iraq war. Powell later discovered that he had been lied to also.

The U.S. has lost thousands of lives in Iraq, thousands more wounded, trillions of dollars spent and what has it gotten us? U.S. taxpayers will spend billions of dollars more in benefit and health care costs for veterans who absolutely deserve it. They were not the ones who got us into this predicament.

Saddam Hussein was a despicable dictator, most of us will agree on that. There was no Isis when he was in charge and many Iraqi’s believe they were better off during his regime. Meanwhile, the Chinese are laughing their heads off as they enjoy the American money fused into their economy every day. They are upgrading their military and building man-made islands in the South China Sea.

One thing is for sure: neither George W. Bush, Obama or Trump will see their children coming home from Iraq in flag-draped coffins.

Victor Arnett, Lima


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