Letter: Climate change? Now a believer

I now believe there is enough evidence to convince me that “Global Warming” (Climate Change) is taking place. Thank you, Al Gore.

Using Occam’s Razor, that causes two questions to arise:

• Is Global Warming caused by the activities of mankind? The earth’s climate has always been changing. It was happening so slowly that it has never been in the memory of one single living person. It was taking millennia to occur. (Ice Age). It is now happening rapidly, so we notice.

• If it is being caused by the activities of mankind, does mankind possess the ability and willingness to make the necessary changes to stop, or at least, delay it?

Unfortunately, if the answer to the first statement is “yes,” then I’m afraid the answer to No. 2. is “no.”

We probably all instinctively realize what I have said above. That’s why we merrily go on with our lives and don’t worry about it much.

Martin L Schultheis, Lima


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