Letter: Are we looking for another war?

I just finished reading the letter from Jerry L. Hall and hear and feel a lot of hatred. This is too common in our country today regardless of who is at fault. Let’s take the two parties out of the equation and try to decide what is best for our country.

In his example, the terrorist was killed. Will there be another to take his place? I think so, since most of “those” people seem to hate us. There are probably 10 more just like him waiting for their turn. Was it a good idea to hit the “beehive” by killing a top general? Those people cut heads off of human beings without a thought. We have to consider their culture and the way they think. They certainly were not brought up with the Golden Rule.

So I would hope that the D are trying to take back what was recently given to the presidents of the USA, regardless of the party. The ability to decide something like this on his own. After all, Trump will not always be our president.

This could have started another war. Is that what we want? I certainly don’t. Let’s not give this ability to anyone again. One person should not be able to have that much authority regardless of the party.

Sharon Horstman, Fort Jennings


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