Letter: Cut the babble; get out an vote

The economy, like all things that respond to physical law, will naturally adjust itself if left untampered with: What goes up, must come down, and vice versa.

But elitists — who’ve declared themselves caretakers of the nation’s wealth and the stock exchange, which is the source of America’s river of cash — have devised an incoherent language to preach to us otherwise, and to arbitrarily interpret fiscal compasses, boom-and-bust cycles and Wall Street’s essentiality with tax-code babble similar to that of voodoo priests who spit good liquor on live chickens before they lop the heads off to decipher blood-soaked Rorschachs.

Adam Smith today will find a free lunch before he finds a free market.

Supply-siders, trickle-downers, necromancers et al. have a front-man who “matriculated” at the country’s arguably best business college yet can’t spell the word, and has declared bankruptcy so often that an hourly worker can obtain a loan at a U.S. bank before he can. This erstwhile anti-war candidate no less, tweaks a fickle growth rate with a form of brinkmanship that eludes rationality and purpose other than to fabricate and quick-fix a faux wartime economy that profits the select ― not children, not soldiers, not the poor.

We, the great unwashed, fill our pockets with quandaries for currency, so, we don’t run for office.

But that fourth-grade equivalency is useful. It’s paid for by you.

Put your X on a ballot this year. Choose. It’s a rare gift.

The polls supply the ink. If they didn’t, some of us could not afford to vote.

Noe Serna, Lima


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