Letter: Guilty … but of what?

The writer of the letter about Trump having a pity party is in reality the one having the pity party. In fact from the day Trump was elected it has been one long drawn out pity party. From the election night coverage of the alligator tears from camp Hillary to the next day and cries for impeachment it has never ended. Nothing but a constant wailing and gnashing of teeth. The pity runs deep with these people. And one wonders why Trump would be defensive? Really? Three years of constant harassment with no end in sight.

I have to ask the writer here, what Constitutional offenses has Trump committed? Please explain because every single time I ask I get the same response — crickets.

Everyone on the left cries guilty and yet not one can say of what. It’s old, it’s tired and it is worn out.

What it amounts to is that everything the left tries to pin on this man it seems it is always found out that they themselves are the guilty parties and as soon as that starts to see the light of day they move onto the next charge and forget the previous.

The thing that started it all? He said he was going to “drain the swamp.” And the swamp rats are defending their territory and not smart enough to realize that ship is sinking fast.

Bob Riley, Fort Jennings


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