Letter: Rural areas aided by Electoral College

Kenneth E. Harris’s letter (“In defense of Electoral College” — January 6) is excellent, and I concur. However, I want to point out that elimination of the Electoral College and going to a strictly popular vote in presidential elections would mean that the small state/large state concepts would be irrelevant. The significant factor would be metropolitan area versus rural area, regardless of state.

For example, you may consider Indiana to be a “small state,” but the Indianapolis metropolitan area would still be important to candidates for president and it would get plenty of attention; the remainder of the state, probably little or none.

Conversely, Texas is a “large state,” but only Houston, San Antonio, Dallas/Fort Worth, and Austin would get much or any attention. Candidates would be reluctant to spend their limited time and limited resources on the rest of the state where voters are comparatively sparse.

Jim Cox, Van Wert


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