Letter: In defense of the Electoral College

In response to Albert A. Gabel, professor emeritus of The Ohio State University, who wrote the Electoral College was instituted to avoid voters voting for the wrong candidate, he is totally incorrect in his opinion.

The Electoral College was a compromise which was needed because the Founders realized that the people in smaller states, or those with smaller populations, would be totally ignored by political parties which would only concentrate on the states with large populations in order to win and stay in control.

This Tyranny of the Majority was recognized by the Founders. A true Democracy can become an oppressor to the minority of any country. This is why we do not have a Democracy, but a Constitutional Republic.

The Electoral College is in effect the brake on the oppression of the smaller or less populated states by the larger or more populated states. By needing to appeal to all of the states, a candidate or party cannot simply ignore the smaller states as they surely would if Presidents were elected by the popular vote alone.

The wisdom of the Founders is currently being questioned by Liberals like Professor Gabel because their Liberal / Socialist candidates recognize that they do not appeal to a majority of the country, but rather an entrenched cadre located on the East and West Coasts of our country.

This is the exact reason that the Electoral College was added to the Constitution. The wisdom of the Founding Fathers is astounding, and the Constitution they created has served this country well for hundreds of years.

One further note, the Electoral College being a part of the Constitution supersedes the Voting Rights Act of 1965. A Professor Emeritus should know this.

Kenneth E Harris, Lima


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