Letter: No room for me at Trump’s pitty party

Have pity on our beleaguered drama-queen president. Trump feels he has been so aggrieved. In fact, he thinks he’s the most aggrieved president, ever. He whines and complains that he hasn’t been treated fairly and hasn’t been given a chance to defend himself. Really?!

For starters, if he hadn’t done anything wrong, he wouldn’t have to worry about defending himself. In addition, there is no one who has a bigger bullhorn, a bigger bully pulpit and a bigger mouth than Donald Trump. If he is truly as innocent as he claims he is, he has had innumerable opportunities to make his case to the American people. But that’s not what he’s done.

Instead of scheduling a national prime-time address to the entire nation, where he could explain why he feels he’s so innocent, he uses our tax dollars, instead of his political party’s money, to travel around the country to hold shamefully mean-spirited election rallies. Election rallies where he can mock and bully his self-proclaimed enemies in front of his like-minded haters and be coddled by the warmth of their misguided adulation.

No, our president has been neither bullied nor aggrieved. He is finally being held to account for a lifetime of his own bullying, lying, cheating, and deceiving the people he has had to deal with, only this time he’s been caught doing the aforementioned offenses to a larger audience he was elected to serve, the American people. And this time he has to face up to the crimes he has committed against the Constitution, the rule of law and the people he swore, under oath, to represent and protect.

Larry E Donaldson, Elida


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