Letter: Electoral College or mob rule?

I didn’t vote for President Trump. But as someone who has traveled the entire country many times over as a truck driver, I believe getting rid of the Electoral College and becoming mob rule is a really bad idea.

They the politicians would ignore us folks in “flyover states” without thte Electoral College. The politicians would focus only on the coasts and the large population centers. Among the ignored would be Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.

You lose a game, so instead of changing your tactics, we will just change the rules.

California uses ballot measures and lets the voters by simple majority decide issues. Real Bad Idea! Why have a legislature or a governor if the voters are going to decide all issues? Uncomfortable, but necessary evils like spending and taxation have to be levied on the state population to administer a Civil Society. Expensive to do.

Are the voters by simple majority going to vote tax increases on themselves? We have local, state and federal governments that have to be funded and maintain Civil Order. How about letting them do their jobs and let them govern. Or send them all home and we will let the public run everything by simple majority mob rule.

Jeffrey Perine, Lima


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