Letter: Larry, Larry, Larry, Larry …

It seems I only write letters in response to Larry Donaldson.

First, theMueller report found that President Trump did not collude with the Russians. If you don’t believe that report, read the IG report. It not only said President Trump didn’t do anything wrong, but Hillary and the DNC did. It said the crooked FBI was lying to President Trump and trying to trick some of his team into working with someone they said was a Russian. It didn’t work.

The IG report also found Hillary and the DNC not only worked with the Russians, but also the UK and Australia. They were all working together to keep President Trump from winning. Also an ex-employee of Google said in the 2016 election Google interfered and gave Hillary between 3.5- to 10-million extra votes. The person that admitted to this is in hiding because their is a price on his head.

Very soon Attorney General Bill Barr will come out with a report. Enjoy the show.

Susan Rudzinski, Lima


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