Letter: Intervention from Santa

‘Twas the night before impeachment and all through the house, its creatures were stirring as Dems screamed jailhouse,

Their stockings were hung with coal within, their hearts filled with anger and darkened sin,

Out in the chamber appeared a jolly old elf, with a present for Pelosi, from off the shelf,

He laughed with great joy, his tummy did roll, handed present to her as saint not troll,

Heard him shout as eyes twinkled with joy, a gift to you, though not a toy,

Something you use profusely, not candy or socks, but large amount of your favorite, Botox.

Her eyes opened widely, crack of smile appeared, she had received token most dear,

I love my gift Santa, try to do good, but you know it be understood, I cannot stop, my hands are tied, that rascal Schiff , head of wood.

He has head filled with content of sidewalks’ matter, of my belovid district in San Franciscos’ splatter.

Santa, it leaves no choice, but to proceed and you know who’s naughty and nice, this must suffice.

With this the jolly old elf just shook his head in disbelief, you know Mrs Pelosi, this quest just brings our nation insurmountable grief,

It reeks of gas in old paper bag, more than visual of your face which does sag.

With that he sprang to his vintage pickup, and was heard to say, up Shift, Cortez, Waters and Warren, Gonzalez, Castro, Hager and Pelosi with scorn. Tlaib, Torres,Nadler and Dingel I did not forget, to mention names I deeply regret not forgotten by voting public ever and yet. Merry Christmas to all this night, Donald lead us through this terrible plight.

Leslie J. Kubinski, Wapakoneta

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