Letter: The teflon Donald

I’ve heard Donald Trump’s defenders complain that his impeachment is totally illegitimate as he is being persecuted simply for having “policy differences” with the Democrats.

I agree wholeheartedly. Let me offer another example of an innocent man persecuted for policy differences, this from just a few decades ago.

The highly-successful businessman John Gotti was sent to prison in 1992. Gotti and the federal prosecutors had a difference of opinion when it came to policy. Gotti’s policies consisted of racketeering, extortion, loansharking, drug trafficking, prostitution, and murder. That’s the way the “Dapper Don” rolled. The authorities in the State District of New York – the same authorities that are going after Donald Trump today – disagreed with these policies. They, in a blatantly partisan act, labelled them “crimes.” They prosecuted Gotti for these “crimes” and put in him a cage (!), where a few years later the poor man tragically died of throat cancer.

Thank God that President Trump is protected from criminal prosecution by the political office he holds! Thank God as well that, unlike poor John Gotti, the President has a lot of friends in the Senate (Hurrah for Mitch McConnell! Hurrah for Lindsey Graham!) who, in the coming impeachment trial, will protect him from the vindictiveness of his enemies.

Let me propose the following as a battle-cry for those of us in the Camp of the Righteous who oppose this abominable impeachment: “Remember John Gotti!”

— Kelly Anspaugh, Ada

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