Letter: by power

Reading this novel (fiction) wiwth references to White Nationalist, Nazi skin heads, and Christian hate groups, I researched to see if they’re active groups. They are. In fact, some were at Charlottesville during the time the woman was killed.

Our president said both sides were to blame.

Prayer, Politics and Power: ‘The Family’ Reveals Our Insidious American Theocracy, in Washington DC, it is not about religion. It’s about power. This group goes beyond DC to other power brokers in this country and other countries. Their belief, God put these people in positions of power: president, senators, representatives, etc., decisions are made based upon religion. This is complicated and goes beyond the average Christian’s beliefs. There is a documentary on Netflix: “Family,” based on a book by Jeff Sharlet.

Journalist Jeff Sharlet went undercover to infiltrate the secretive Washington D.C. religious organization, fellowship called Family. Fellowship isn’t mere conspiracy theory: It’s 100% true. The library has the book and a downloadable. I started watching the documentary by accident. I was sickened, shocked and overwhelmed. Our president’s base? Church & state?

Carole Daley, Lima

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