Letteer: Americans for president Trump

I am ofended! Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty. This impeachment has been a witch-hunt and kangaroo court!

Where is the justice?

The Democrats are displaying their foolish hate of our President of these Great United States; which is evident by Nancy Pelosi when asked by a reporter if she hated President Trump. Her reply was that she didn’t hate anyone because she was raised in a Catholic house. I suppose that’s why she supports abortion!

All you have to do is look at Pelosi’s face and you can see the hate written all over it! What the Democrats are doing is why President Trump was voted in as president in the first place! America is sick aaaand tired of the politicians wasting our taxpayers’ money! Abuse of power, and obstruction of Congress is all the Democrats could come up with. I ask you what President hasn’t done that?

Rae McCarty, Huntsville


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