Letter: Obama looked the other way

Who Was Qinn Lucas Schansman?

Why do Democratic zealots such as Larry Donaldosn (reader’s view 12/17/19) conveniently forget the Obama administration when talking about Trump and Russia?

Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014 and subsequently annexed Crimea and portions of Georgia. Obama did nothing in regards to lethal aid to Ukraine in the last three years of his administration.

Without going into extensive, quite extensive, detail of Trump holding Putin in check, it can be found here: https://foreignpolicy.com/2018/04/13/trumps-russia-policy-is-better-than-obamas/

Since March 8, 2018 when U.S. special forces slaughtered or injured 200 Russian mercenaries in Syria when their base was attacked, Putin’s influence has been diminished.

Compare this to Obama’s lack of response when the Russians using a Buk anti aircraft missile shot down Malaysia flight 17 in July 2018. Of the 298 murdered on board was an American, 19-year-old Quinn Lucas Schansman. Obama did nothing in helping Ukraine defend itself even after an innocent American was killed.

Craig Nichols, Findlay

161 Katarina Ln

Findlay, Oh


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