Letter: God bless America

A warning to my fellow Americans. Christianity is under attack. Any and all denominations that would have Christ as their core belief system.

This country was built on scriptures. It is woven into the fabric of our Constitution. We derive our freedom, our voice, because of it. It is an integral of who we are as a nation. Take down our Christianity, you take down our country or vice-versa.

Think about it my friends. In order to not offend, we must become neutral. In order to achieve this, we have become what we are told we can be. Take away our right to decently educate the young. Tell them they cannot pray, or speak freely on school property. Infiltrate our government, then use our laws against us. If you can’t beat America’s military, do it from within.

A part of the oath our warriors take: ” I will defend America against all enemies. Both Foreign and Domestic.” Let’s us underline the word domestic. If we have a crack in our government then restore it. For the sake of the country, do not replace it with a vision of some other government. Then still call it America, yes I’m going to say it. ” God Bless America.”

Rosemary Benedum, Lima


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