Letter: Liberal’s logic biased, twisted

It amazes me just how biased and twisted a liberal’s logic is. They make many accusations against Trump, yet they are blinded by their hate. I’ve heard these liberal leaders spew their lies for three years now, only to see them backtrack and move on to another false accusation.

Liberals claim they abide by “just the facts.” Let’s review those “facts.”

Russian collusion: Schiff claimed over and over he had overwhelming facts. The Mueller report would prove his claim. Low and behold, the Mueller report didn’t prove any of that. Now liberals claim that Mueller had been corrupted by Trump.

Then Democrats said that Barr’s investigation would prove their accusations true. Guess what, that proved to not be the case either. After realizing their false claim was gaining no ground, liberals dropped this narrative and moved on to “bribery.” That claim still hasn’t been proven.

Don’t forget the laughable “Quid Pro Quo.” Joe Biden is seen by all of America on camera committing the very definition of “quid pro quo,” but liberals simply brush that to the side.

The current coup, being called an “impeachment hearing”, is nothing more than a kangaroo court. The President has been denied due process that all Americans to supposed to be granted.

Democrat leaders wrap themselves in the flag and grandstand about defending the Constitution. Is this the same flag that liberals declared represented racism and oppression? All I can say is, hold on to your seats, socialist supporters, you are going to have four more years of Trump, because most of America has seen through this sham.

Jerry L. Hall, Uniopolis


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