Letter: 2020 vision: Four more years

The Lima News headline and story on Monday, Dec. 9 — “America’s influence, once so dominant, waning under Trump” — belonged on the Opinion page, not Page 1.

The author, Tim Sullivan of the Associated Press, made a ridiculous case by citing, among other things, that a cluster of European leaders were grinning as Canadian Prime Minister appeared to mock Trump. I would guess by the content of the article that Mr. Sullivan is a left wing “Never Trumper.”

Our president is making America great again. He is not allowing others to take advantage of us by not paying their fair share, stealing our intellectual property, spying and utilizing crooked trade practices.

I’m sure or influence will be utilized once it is realized that we will no longer be the easy mark that we have been under previous presidents.

President Trump is dedicated to “America First” and “Keeping America Great.”

We will be feared by our enemies, loved by our friends and respected by all.

Let’s all have 2020 vision and look forward to four more years.

As for our influence, I’ll let Rhett Butler speak to that.

Larry Esmonde, Lima


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