Letter: Playing with so-called ‘facts’

Marilyn Mackey used the typical liberal technique of “cherry picking” (picking information out of context) to camouflage the actual facts.

She cited (without references) that Trump’s economy has risen less than 1% from Dec. 2016 to Dec. 2017. According to the Hudson Institute, during Trump’s entire administration, economic growth has averaged 2.3%. Then she tried to incorrectly infer that during 2013-2016 the economy did better. During Obama’s administration, the economy averaged 1.5% growth.

Also, no where did I equate demagoguery to democracy in my Dec. 3rd viewpoint letter. Even though they are not synonymous, how else in a democracy can a person be elected without appealing to the emotions and prejudices of the populace? She is trying to nitpick adds to the distortion and deception of liberalism.

Also, her argument about immigration is laughable. Does she seriously believe every immigrant should first ask for Native American approval? The Indians conquered each other for territory before Europeans arrived and the latter only did what humans have been doing for millennia all over the world. Contrast what the White Christians did with what the Indians did when they conquered another people.There are no Mound Builders left. The Cherokees and Creeks simply exterminated them.

Finally, your comment about sticking to the facts is hypocritical. I strongly suggest you start practicing what you preach before writing any more bogus letters to the editor.

Tom Riegle, Lima


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