Letter: One more day of Trump-bashing

Monday, Dec. 9 is another Trump-bashing day for The Lima News’ editorial page. There is nothing new about this, but it is happening more and more often since the last sale of this newspaper.

The op-ed written by Ann McFeatters looks like it was written by Adam Shiff and all the Democrats on the intelligence committee. She parrots every false charge and opinion put forth from this lynch mob and presents them as her own. Most likely she has not had an original thought since Trump was elected but depends on handouts from the DNC.

Then we have the Grinch cartoon decrying the removing of able-bodied single persons from the food stamp (SNAP) rolls. Over and over this has been falsely portrayed as being targeted at families and children, when in reality it only affects able-bodied people with no dependants who will not work. What, pray tell, is wrong with that? I am tired of people who will not work getting a free ride on my tax dollars.

The third is the cheap shot at Attorney General William Barr, who is accused of threatening areas who question cops. That is not what he said. He said that people should support their local law enforcement agencies, and those who do not might risk losing protection. Every day we see reports of law enforcement personnel who are attacked, doused with water, pelted with who knows what and even killed. This is what Attorney General Barr meant.

Currently we see videos of officers in New York City being abused, and the word from the mayor’s office is to not arrest the perpetrators. How long do the people of New York City expect the officers to stay on the job when faced by this abuse and non-support from the city’s chief executive? Perhaps the mayor was too busy losing his race for the Democrat Party nomination to care for his police?

If not for the police, our society would degenerate into armed camps that would resemble a war zone, with roving bands of brigands patrolling the country. If the police do wrong, they should be treated the same as any other law-breaker. We should always support the good that they do, and not accept misconduct, but we cannot continue to revile them and still expect them to respond quickly when we call.

Kenneth E. Harris



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