Letter: This region should care about environment

I believe we have a responsibility for climate conditions. Many changes have occurred, starting with the Industrial Revolution and now with the number of cars on the road, among many other things.

What I see in some parts of Ohio, Lima and its surrounding counties are individuals who do not want to make changes. Drive state Route 33 west, and you see signs against wind power. Drive U.S. 127 towards Van Wert, you see wind turbines. That could be here.

There is no recycling program for the state or at least Lima. When I lived on the East Coast of Florida beachside, there was a recycling program.

It appears to me that 33 West counties are primarily Republican, according to the voting polls. In fact, it is the rural parts of Ohio that are Republican, again according to voting polls, not the major cities in Ohio.

I read an article in the Columbus Dispatch regarding Ohio going backward when it comes to environmental issues. Do you care?

Carole Daley



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