Letter: Following the leader of cult

Thirty-five percent of this country has chosen to believe a man that was a fraud before becoming president and has continued to follow that historic script after becoming president. In doing so they have chosen to join a cult of people that the president says has been victimized, a group of evangelicals that applaud his profanity laced words of evil.

They are obedient to his every word no matter how false or misrepresented that word is. They have somehow declared this man to be the chosen one despite his history of scamming poor people, ripping of investors, creating a fake university and stealing from his own charitable foundation.

None of those things disqualified him from their affection, not even when he mocked a disabled reporter. Now , in the face of world leaders, he is the one mocked. As stated by Vladimir Putin, he was Russia’s choice in the last election. Was that because he wanted to make America great or was it to help Russia rise again?

Charles Thomas, Lima


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