Letter: Lookin’ for some basketball love

I will start out admitting that I am one of those “Flyer Fanatics” from the University of Dayton, so probably I am a tad prejudiced.

I was in Florida over Thanksgiving and watched the Maui Invitational on ESPN. The Flyers beat Georgia, 80-61, and Virginia Tech, 89-62. The Flyers lost by six in Overtime to No. 4 ranked Kansas in the finals.

Not a bad showing.

Imagine my disappointment when I arrived home and read all the sports pages I had missed while away. One article about Michigan State beating Georgia. Big Whoopee. They were in the losers’ bracket. Not a mention of the great University just 66 miles south of Lima that is well respected, has a great basketball tradition, and we graduate our student athletes.

We are knowledgeable basketball fans who will fill the arena every time. That is the reason the NCAA holds its “Last 4 in” there year after year. Come on show us some love.

Linda Nicholson, Lima

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