Letter: Time for folks to chill out

I enjoy watching the news. Everybody has an opinion. There is no sense in trying to change their mind. The best thing to do is to move on to a new subject.

I have been trying to watch the impeachment stuff, but I just cannot get interested. The way I look at it (and stay with me here) is that President Trump probably asked or said something that was inappropriate. I remember in 2016 when it was said Trump had help from the Russians. I also remember people talking about Hillary Clinton not doing anything with Benghazi. I remember everyone saying they were basing their opinions on what they read on Facebook and much of that information was unproven.

President Clinton was impeached on four counts of having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. It was inappropriate behavior of a president.

Trump’s history of being influenced by the Russians was never proven. However, Mueller’s two-year investigation concluded that Trump probably did it but it couldn’t be proven.

Trump is a businessman. I didn’t vote for him, but I still am an enthusiastic fan of getting a different type of person in power.

Trump is different. He says startling things. While everybody talks about that, he’ll turn around and say another startling statement so everyone’es attention is off the first statement.

OK, here we go: Bush beat Gore in 2000 because of electoral votes. Trump beat Hillary the same way. Get rid of the electoral college and put term limits on senators and congressmen. Then everybody chill out.

Steven Kilgore, Lima

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