Letter: A ‘D’ is all I need to know

This is in response to a recent letter from a woman who suggested that voters ought to decide who to vote for based on the candidate’s qualifications and not on his or her party.

I couldn’t disagree more. When I see the letter “D” behind a candidate’s name, that tells me all I need to know about the candidate.

While there are many important issues in America today, knowing that a candidate shamelessly aligns himself or herself with the party that upholds — as a matter of faith — the right of adults to take the lives of innocent human lives —either unborn or in some cases newly born — tells me more about the candidate than any other factor or condition.

Sorry to appear to be a “one-issue” voter, but this truly is a bellwether issue. Knowing how a candidate comes down on Right to Life versus Right to “Choose” tells me all I need to know how his or her mind works and whether or not the candidate can be trusted on any other significant issue.

In my mind, suggesting that voters should disregard the name of a candidate’s party and vote for “the candidate” represents the worst kind of duplicity. While no party is perfect, it appears to me that there is one party that seems to take its direction straight from hell. And shamelessly!

Orwell Franck, Lima

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