Letter: Trump averages 22 lies a day

In response to Annette Miller, your concern lies with the threat of encroaching socialism, mine does as well. At $28 billion, Trump’s farm bailout is now double the cost of Obama’s automaker bailout. That isn’t socialism, it’s demagoguery.

Amazon, Chevron, Delta, Eli Lily, GM., Gannett, Goodyear, Halliburton, IBM , Jet Blue, Netflix, US Steel and Whirlpool all paid zero taxes last year. Not precisely socialism, more like corporate welfare.

And no, AOC did not call America garbage, according to both Politifact as well as Snopes. And yes, former President Reagan did make racist comments in a 1971 conversation with Richard Nixon, a readily verifiable fact.

Trump lies with the same frequency as his mouth opens — 13,435 since mid-October and counting. The average is 22 per day.

Would you accept the same level of dishonesty from your spouse, children, co-workers or friends?

May I make a suggestion? Stop drinking the Kool-Aid and try a nice strong cup of coffee. It is of immeasurable benefit to those in need of wakefulness.

Marilyn Mackey, Elida

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